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The Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard, more commonly referred to as the DMIS standard (ISO 22093:2011) provides for the bi-directional communication of inspection data between computer systems and inspection equipment and can form a basis for a common inspection system native programming language. DMIS provides the vocabulary to pass inspection programs to measuring equipment and to pass measurement and process data back to an analysis, collection, or archiving system. DMIS defines a neutral format for data exchange, and is designed to be man readable and man writable.

This latest version of DMIS (5.3) contains QPId’s to enhance its capabilities in concert with the QIF suite of Standards. QPId refers to “QIF Persistent ID”. It is the QIF implementation of a universally unique identifier UUID (also called a Globally unique identifier GUID) used to uniquely identify a whole QIF document, a subsection of a QIF document, or single QIF entity like a feature or a characteristic.

DMIS 5.2 included commands for multi-axis inspection.
DMIS 5.1 included almost 200 enhancements over DMIS 4.0.
DMIS 5.0 included more than 140 enhancements over DMIS 4.0.

Note: It is important to understand that every version of the DMIS Standard includes ALL the technology and capabilities of the immediate previous version. For Example: DMIS 5.2 includes DMIS 5.1, which includes 5.0, which includes the DMIS 4 series, etc. Therefore, DMIS 5.3 includes all technology and capabilities of all previous versions of DMIS. As such, DMIS 5.3 is the current, sole American National Standard remaining. All previous versions of DMIS have been removed as actual ANSI Standards.

However, several previous versions of DMIS will remain available on this DMSC/DMIS online store by contacting DMSC Executive Director Mark Thomas directly via email at a significantly reduced price. This is both for historical purposes and for those who do not need or want the full technology and capabilities of DMIS 5.3.

DMIS 5.3

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