Digital Metrology Standards Consortium DMSC logo 2021The mission of Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC™, Inc.) is to identify urgently needed standards in the field of digital metrology, and to promote, foster, and encourage the development and interoperability of these standards, along with related and supporting standards that will benefit the industry as a whole.  The Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard (DMIS | ISO 22093:2011) and the Quality Information Framework (QIF | ISO 23952:2020) are two such standards that the consortium has the responsibility to continue development, maintain and support as well as to coordinate and harmonize with other related standards efforts.  The DMSC is an ANSI Accredited Standards Developing Organization, as well as an A-Liaison to ISO.  QIF was harvested by the International Standards Organization and elevated to ISO 23952:2020 in August 2020.  The consortium invites participation within the consortium of other standards groups and activities that seek to resolve the technology and other issues of automated (digital) metrology.

DMSC Member Companies

Member companies and organizations of the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium aka DMSC, Inc. represent some of the most innovative, progressive, and advanced organizations in the world today, who are on the cutting edge of research and technology in the field of digital metrology.

Action Engineering
Deere & Company
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology logo
Origin International
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Schneider Electric
International Technegroup
Lockheed Martin Logo
Sigmetrix Logo
SPD Smart Product Development Logo
Collaboratio Synergies Inc. logo
University of North Carolina Charlotte
High QA High Quality Automation
Tec-Ease, Inc. white letters on black with metrology symbols
Pratt & Whitney Logo
Innovalia Metrology
QIF Solutions
Discus Software Logo

DMSC QIF Working Groups

Members of the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC) chair multiple working groups responsible for governance and maintenance of the current standard, development of improvements, updates as well as the marketing and education of the community implementing the QIF standard.
Visit our QIF Working Groups page to learn more.

DMSC History

The need for a common communication language in the CAD arena in 1983 ultimately lead to the formation of the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC), formerly known as Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium.

DMSC Executive Director Emeritus Bailey Squier succinctly shares the evolution of the standardization of digital metrology (1983-2008) in this article.

DMSC, Inc. Board of Directors

President: Curtis W. BrownHoneywell FM&T
Treasurer/Director: Rosemary AstheimerNIST
Secretary: Ray Stahl – 2BMobile LLC
Director: Daniel CampbellCapvidia
Director: Jennifer HerronAction Engineering
Director: Hermitt VegaPratt & Whitney | Raytheon Technologies
Director: Jeremy Hamilton – Deere & Company
Director: Sam GambrellLockheed Martin

Executive Director: Mark Thomas – DMSC

Join the DMSC

We invite you to join the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium!

Make sure that your needs are well-represented in the QIF standard and industry conversation. Collaborate with some of the foremost experts in the manufacturing quality industry.

What is the commitment if I join?

The short answer is that this is up to each individual member. You can choose to participate in one or many Working Groups. When a Working Group is active, there may be 1-hour online conference calls as often as once a week. Once a year, there is a QIF summit at a location in the United States that will last 3-4 days. Participation in any of these activities is not a requirement of membership.

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