Coming Soon: DMSC To Offer QIF Marketplace Webpage

27 May 24

QIF Quality Information Framework by DMSC Digital Metrology Standards ConsortiumDid you know that among our membership over two dozen QIF Solution Providers offer products and services that can help solve your QIF implementation problems?

A new DMSC webpage is currently under development. Aimed to help you find the QIF solutions you need,  we are identifying our member organizations’ products and services to streamline your search for the right resources for your requirements.

The new DMSC QIF Marketplace page will include sortable tables that will display QIF Solution Providers and briefly describe their products and services and provide links to their appropriate solution provider’s website. Altogether, the QIF Marketplace page is another way that the DMSC helps member organizations find the solutions they need and consequently allows the QIF community to continue growing by providing a directory of resources.

The DMSC is making this available as a resource only and does not endorse nor certify any specific resource. The Marketplace page is solely a directory of Solution Providers’ offerings.

This new website feature is expected to be released in H1 2024. If you have a specific feature or attribute you would like to suggest, please contact Mark Thomas at

Requirements for the new section are currently being defined.