DMSC at Control 2023

29 May 23

Last month we announced that DMSC Director of Marketing, Ray Stahl would attend the Control International Trade Fair 2023. Following is a short summary of his visit.

Our purpose for attending the 35th Control Show for the DMSC was to:

• Promote the Quality Information Framework (QIF) standard at the largest quality inspection show with the most significant number of exhibitors in the quality inspection market.
• Build awareness that QIF is an ANSI and ISO standard for manufacturing quality digital data. Specifically in Europe, to promote QIF as an international standard.
• Spread awareness that the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC) is the organization to turn to for quality industry awareness.

This year’s Control Show had over 760 exhibitors and ran from May 11-14, 2023. I spent three days at the show with a target list of organizations of current members and other organizations that might be interested in QIF and to learn if they were aware of QIF.

Ray Stahl DMSC Marketing DirectorI met with all DMSC member organizations present at the show, and all were glad to see the DMSC expanding its presence outside North America by attending European events. Valuable insights and suggestions were gained from visiting with our various members attending the show. A unique aspect of our outreach at Control was meeting with member organization people who do not typically interact with the DMSC and had questions about QIF and the DMSC organization.

As for our targeted organizations, many of the accounts were aware of QIF, but not the DMSC. Several indicated that as more of their customers request it, they would implement QIF. I reminded them that many of the major companies in the quality inspection market already support QIF. Many of those companies are current members of the DMSC, and encouraged these organizations to consider QIF integration as they approach future product development plans.

In speaking with our existing members about what they need from the DMSC in a global marketplace, they were generous in providing helpful feedback. I met with organizations considering QIF as a standard they need to support for importing and exporting their metrology software products. I also found companies using QIF which we were not aware of … a delightful surprise. Finally, I spoke with many organizations about QIF and how the DMSC continues to advance this standard.

The DMSC felt our investment in attending this show was worthwhile and we achieved our objectives.  I look forward to answering any questions you may have about the DMSC, QIF, or the 2023 Control International Trade Fair.

Ray Stahl
DMSC Director of Marketing