DMSC BoD Approves Development of Formal QIF Training/Certification Program

29 May 23

QIF Training Certification Program AnnouncedDMSC has been searching for ways to accelerate worldwide Quality Information Framework/QIF adoption. Increasing the availability of QIF Subject Matter Experts (SME) will add exposure and expertise of QIF within the metrology community. The DMSC Board of Directors (BoD) has approved the formation of a new Working Group to pursue development of a formal Training/Certification program.

Development of a multi-tiered training/certification program is a substantial endeavor. The idea is to collaboratively develop an implementation plan using our highly successful Working Group (WG) process. DMSC members and other interested companies are encouraged to join this freshly minted WG.

There are many tasks for the WG to plan, develop, and implement, such as:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Marketing the Program
  • Logistics of the Program
    and more

This means that WG members don’t necessarily need to be QIF experts, but rather be able to contribute ideas towards the successful development and execution of the overall plan.

To start, the WG will need to choose a WG Chair and create a WG Charter which will provide guidance for the short- and long-range goals of the program.

Anyone having interest (DMSC membership encouraged, but not required) in being part of this exciting process is welcome to join this new Working Group. If you are interested in participating or want to know more, please contact Mark Thomas, DMSC Executive Director.