DMSC Membership Renewals Look Strong for 2021

07 June 21

Despite the pandemic causing plenty of business disruption throughout 2020, it was an exciting year for DMSC. Our ANSI QIF 3.0 standard was published as an ISO standard – ISO 23952:2020. However, a chaotic business climate last year did affect corporate support for DMSC with a slight dip in membership renewals, affecting mostly medium and smaller companies. DMSC is a non-profit corporation and 100% member funded, making membership retention key to keeping our mission on course and staying aligned with our member goals.

DMSC President Curtis BrownAs we approach mid-year 2021, DMSC has experienced strong membership renewals so far, and we expect that this will continue throughout the year. According to DMSC President Curtis Brown, “currently, renewals are near optimum levels, and coupled with several new, large company member additions, funding for this year looks secure.”

Our current DMSC Working Groups have had high participation. We have expanded our interoperability with other standards by building relationships with complementary organizations such as PDES and MTConnect. Additionally, our recent “Coffee Chat” QIF Tech Series webinars have drawn over 100 registrants for each session. These QIF-centric webinars, presented by DMSC member companies and individuals, will continue throughout the end of the year with the intent of guiding our members along their QIF journey by providing real-life use cases and solutions.

DMSC is very appreciative of the companies that have already renewed their membership for 2021. We thank you in advance to those that will renew their membership support as we progress through the year. Your continued membership ensures that we can continue with our planned work to enhance and support the QIF standard.