DMSC Model-Based Characteristics Working Group Announces Target Completion Schedule

21 November 22

Model-Based Characteristics Standard LogoAfter many months of effort, the DMSC Model-Based Characteristics Working Group (MBC WG) can see completion of their to-be-proposed ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard on the horizon. The yet-to-be-submitted new standard is centered about the identification and usage of product characteristics (PC) that can be augmented with criticality designations, product requirement associations, and quality plan requirements.

This new MBC specification is intended as a new stand-alone ANSI standard; however, some major attributes of the MBC WG proposal are expected to be included in the next version of Quality Information Framework, QIF 4.0, and some aspects of the MBC standard may also be integrated into the next version of the widely accepted ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Y14.45 standard.

The DMSC is following a formalized process for submission to ANSI, and has developed an anticipated timeline for completion, submission, and approval:

  • Completion of specification Final Draft from Working Group; late Dec 2022
  • Final changes; early Jan 2023
  • Submit to DMSC Standards Committee for review of spec within DMSC; end of March 2023
  • Submit to ANSI for public review; early April 2023
  • Public review period (max 60 days); end of May 2023
  • WG responds formally to all public review comments; end of June 2023
  • Receive ANSI approval and publish as ANSI standard; early July 2023

The recent surge of QIF support by the industrial community and specification harmonization with complementary standardization efforts from MTConnect, ASME and others, show the relevance of the DMSC technical effort and strategic vision.

The DMSC standards development effort is a collaborative one. Interested companies and individuals are welcome to join the initiative – DMSC membership encouraged but not required.

For further details, please contact DMSC Executive Director: