High Visibility for DMSC at Upcoming 3D CIC Event

27 February 24

The upcoming 3D CIC event will have plenty of “DMSC theme” as there will be numerous DMSC members making presentations. The 3D CIC brings together industry leaders, cross-functional engineers, and 3D Data practitioners as well as stakeholders who collaborate with or support these areas. 3D CIC strongly emphasizes the interoperability and social science aspects of whole enterprise success.

Planned presentations from DMSC members:

Curtis Brown | Honeywell FM&T:
Next Generation Digital Product Realization Process

Rosemary Astheimer | NIST:
STEP by Step to MBD

Tom Groff and Alex Garvey | KOTEM:
Navigating the Perils: Unstandardized GD&T in MBD

Jennifer Herron | Action Engineering:
Creating Better Foundations for the Digital Twin

Scott Hutcheson | Purdue University:
The Hipster, the Hustler, and the Hacker:
Your Talent Trifecta for Transformation

Jan de Nijs | Lockheed Martin:
Enabling Advanced Analytics Use Cases
that Require Manufacturing Data

Jacob Sherwood | Pratt & Whitney:
Feature and Characteristic Accountability in the Digital Thread

Hermitt Vega | Pratt & Whitney:
Model-Based Mission/Quality Assurance (MBM/QA)

The 3D CIC (Collaboration Interoperability Congress) will be held in Golden, CO on March 4 – 7, 2024. DMSC will be attending the event, promoting QIF, and recruiting new DMSC members.

Click here for more information about 3D CIC.