New Use Case Webinar

24 June 24

A discussion at a past DMSC General Membership Meeting was enriched by the expertise of our DMSC board member, Sam Gambrell, on the topic of 2D QIF. The discussion indicated some confusion in the QIF community regarding the ability of QIF to support 2D drawings.

Sam Gambrell of Lockheed Martin

Sam Gambrell, Director, DMSC Board of Directors

Since this is an important use case, Sam led the discussion to clarify how QIF, from its conception, was designed to work with 2D drawings. Then, with the prevalent advent of 3D MBD model availability, QIF’s characteristic-centric, feature-based approach naturally and simply accommodated 3D MBD models.

To better socialize this critical knowledge, the DMSC Team is working on a new use case webinar for 2D QIF. Look for an announcement detailing dates and times for the webinar. As is our practice, the webinar will be recorded and made available for later viewing on our YouTube channel and a link will be added to our website in the Resource Center.