DMSC Develops New ANSI Standard & Tackles Non-Contact Measurement

19 October 20

DMSC Working Groups Need Your Participation

The DMSC commitment to develop needed and relevant standards continues with two new working groups.

Model Based Product Characteristics Working Group (MBPC WG)

ANSI American National Standards Institute logoThe MBPC WG meetings have been ongoing since June 2020, conducted twice monthly for the purpose of developing a draft proposal for a new ANSI standard for Model-Based Product Characteristics: Nomenclature, Definitions, Symbols, and Practice.

Next Meetings as of the publishing of this post:
November 11, 2020 at 11am EST
November 25, 2020 at 11am EST
Visit our Events Calendar for future MBPC WG meeting dates.

Chaired by Mark Neilson (TechAzul) and co-chaired by Curtis Brown (Honeywell FM&T/DMSC President), each WG meeting typically has had over 20 participants, with plenty of spirited discussion on product characteristic definitions, symbols and criticality level. Participants include members from a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, government, and other manufacturing companies.

The new ANSI standard being drafted by the MBPC WG is intended to improve the general definition and taxonomy of design “Characteristics”, and to be congruent with the current QIF 3.0 standard. A working draft (v0.4d) has been developed that will be ultimately be reviewed by the DMSC Quality Measurement Standards Committee before the proposal is submitted to ANSI.  As part of the ANSI procedure, a PINS (Project Initiation Notification System) form has been submitted.

We encourage participation in the MBPC WG as there is still plenty of time for meaningful contribution before the final draft is submitted to the DMSC Quality Measurement Standards Committee.  Once submitted to ANSI (likely 2021), review and approval can take many months before a new standard results (2021-22).

Non-Contact Measurement Working Group

(working title)
In addition to the MBPC WG, a new Working Group is in the process of being formed now, building on a formal request by the International Standardization Committee for Digital Manufacturing Innovation, Japan. A new Working Group charter is being developed with DMSC Member Larry Bergquist (SPD/Smart Product Development) as Chair, and Ray Stahl (2BMobile/DMSC BOD) as Co-Chair.

National Metrology Institute of Japan logoA proposal received from AIST/NMIJ (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology/National Metrology Institute of Japan) presented an agenda to the DMSC focused on how to address “non-contact measurement” within the QIF standard. One potential deliverable from this Working Group could be a “best practices” guide on how to use QIF for non-contact workflows. A diverse set of outcomes are possible as ongoing discussions focus the definition, objectives and perspective.

A formal charter will be completed over the next few months.  Current participants include multiple DMSC members and industrial/academia from NMIJ. Again, there is capacity for interested parties to join and contribute to this Working Group in a significant way.

Next Meeting as of the publishing of this post:
November 3, 2020 at 7pm EDT
Visit our Events Calendar for future NCM WG meeting dates.


The DMSC welcomes and encourages all interested DMSC members to participate in these Working Group meetings.

For more details about participating in these or other active DMSC Working Groups, visit the DMSC Events Calendar for meeting dates, times, and links.  As always, you may reach out to DMSC Executive Director, Mark Thomas for additional information.