QIF 4.0 Working Group – Next Steps Outlined

24 June 24

QIF by DMSC logo (blue)The American National Standard (ANS), QIF 3.0 (Quality Information Framework), was formally approved and published by ANSI in 2018. That ANSI standard was submitted to and approved by ISO in 2020 as ISO 23952:2020.

The DMSC has been working on expanding and updating QIF 3.0 through the Working Group (WG) process. Composed of an interested group of companies and individuals expanding and clarifying technical aspects of the QIF standard, the next steps for ANSI submission have been outlined for the QIF 4.0 Working Group. Their intention is to submit an updated standard, identified as QIF 4.0, to ANSI for approval. Their target date for resolving QIF 4.0 technical issues is July with preparation of a completed draft this September.

The Submission Process

The submission process of new standards to ANSI is highly formalized. The DMSC Standards Committee (SC) will conduct an internal review to kick off the next step of the submission process.  This SC is comprised of company representatives and/or individuals who will carefully review the proposed new standard before submitting it as a QIF 4.0 proposal to ANSI.

The SC will convene a meeting, generally in-person, to carefully review and finalize the draft being proposed to ANSI. Members will hold a formal vote  and, if approved, will submit the draft document. A specific SC meeting location and date have yet to be announced.

The submitted draft standard will then be published in ANSI’s Standards Action, presenting the DMSC proposed Standard for Public Review for a period of 45 days. Once public review comments (if any) are addressed, DMSC will formally submit the QIF 4.0 proposal to ANSI for approval as an American National Standard (ANS).

Portrait of Ray Admire

Ray Admire, Chair, DMSC Standards Committee

The DMSC Standards Committee is chaired by Ray Admire, who has acted in this position for 12 years. Ray has also served on the Board of Directors and has been a DMSC member since its founding in 2005. Ray was the DMSC Lockheed Martin representative for 23 years. He now does quality consulting work at QIF Solutions, Inc., and is a frequent contributor to DMSC standards advancement.

Look for future announcements regarding the progress of our QIF 4.0 goals over the next few months.

Interested in joining the DMSC Standards Committee?

Membership in the DMSC Standards Committee is open to all materially interested parties and must be requested in writing. There is no charge to join the DMSC Standards Committee and DMSC membership is not required, however, there are modest member participation requirements to be accepted.

Contact DMSC Executive Director Mark Thomas for more details about joining the DMSC Standards Committee.