QIF v2.0 Interoperability Demo at IMTS 2014

12 September 14

IMTS 2014At this year’s IMTS, the Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC) showcased a QIF Interoperability demonstration which involved a number of software vendors inputting and/or outputting QIF v2.0.

DMSC President Curtis Brown of Honeywell FM&T, Lockheed Martin, NIST, John Deere, Capvidia, Metrosage, Origin International, IPI Solutions, Mitutoyo America Corporation, Innovalia Metrology, MTConnect Institute, InfinityQS, Kotem Ltd, Renishaw, and PAS Technology, demonstrated QIF version 2.0 as published in the September 5th, 2014 ANSI Standards Action publication.

The QIF V2.0 demonstration shows the metrology based workflow where all information for transporting quality data is derived from common libraries so that information modeling components can be reused throughout the entire quality measurement process and, as a result, the entire process is inherently interoperable.

In addition to this, Ray Admire of Lockheed Martin (and chairman of the Quality Measurement Standards DMSC committee) sat down for a talk with Mike and Dirk from Quality Digest: