Share Your QIF Experiences

27 February 24

DMSC has been pleased with the rate of worldwide QIF adoption throughout the industrial manufacturing universe, so far. As success stories evolve, so does the need to share those stories. When companies look back on their success it is easy to see how some of that experience and knowledge would benefit other companies just beginning the MBD and QIF journey.

Over the next few months, there will be several conferences featuring MBD and QIF implementors in a wide variety of industries. The presenters will be industry experts sharing their successes and pitfalls in the implementation journey. Just as they understand the purpose and benefit of sharing their QIF message, you too could have knowledge that could ultimately help companies in the fledgling stage of QIF implementation.

This DMSC newsletter offers a conduit to a QIF-centric audience for you to share your experience. Your wisdom will benefit the overall manufacturing and metrology community, a purpose that fulfills one of the founding missions of DMSC.

If you have an idea or an experience you wish to share, please contact Mark Thomas.