Software Technology Advances the Practicality of Quality 4.0

09 August 21

High QA High Quality AutomationThe manufacturing world is loaded with data. More companies are moving to Model-Based Definition (MBD) with Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), and those models are sent to contractors for component manufacture. These product designs are more complex than ever, presenting the need for improved quality systems.

Many inspection tools have the capability of automated data collection, which generate mountains of data, traditionally much of which are not put to good use. Modern quality systems, however, can interpret this metrology data allowing for real-time process changes that can lead to increased efficiency and higher quality.

Understanding and using the data is key to making smart decisions in a data-rich manufacturing environment that is moving towards Industry 4.0. Even small and medium sized companies can make quality systems an integral part of the manufacturing ecosystem, an essential element in the Industry 4.0 vision. Sam Golan, CEO of High QA, Inc. explains how contract manufacturers have already brought the promise of Quality 4.0 and Industry 4.0 closer to reality. Read the article (5 minute read).

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