Derivative Working Groups to Provide Key Technical Content for QIF 4.0

05 December 22

A key objective of the QIF 4.0 Working Group is to add/upgrade functionality in the existing QIF 3.0 capability set.

DMSC Derivative Working Groups Support QIF 4.0 DevelopmentThe planned QIF enhancements were a result of a Next QIF Phase 1 study to identify the needs of the QIF community, with the goal of accelerating QIF adoption.

With QIF 4.0 providing the overall framework, some of the upgrade solutions will be proposed by individual subject matter Working Groups (WGs), each focusing on a specific QIF enhancement.

Some of these subject matter WGs are new, others are being revived for the purpose of developing additional functionality identified by the QIF 4.0 WG (and the Phase 1 study).

WG Chairs have been contacted and assigned:

  • Non-Contact Measurement WG, revived. Chair: Larry Bergquist (SPD)
  • QIF Plans WG, Chair: Curtis Brown (Honeywell)
  • Process Control WG, revived. Co-Chairs: Larry Maggiano/Peter Rau (Mitutoyo)
  • Surface Texture WG, new. Chair: TBD
  • Functional Testing WG, Chair: Sam Gambrell (Lockheed Martin)
  • Measurement Resources WG, Chair: Ed Morse (UNCC)
  • Model-Based Definition WG, revived. Chair: Daniel Campbell (Capvidia)
  • Model-Based Characteristics WG, existing. Chair: Mark Nielsen (TechAzul)

The new Function Testing WG held an initial meeting on December 2, with other WGs to announce their upcoming meeting schedules soon. All interested companies and individuals are invited to join these WGs (DMSC membership encouraged but not required). Typically, these WG meetings are 1-hour in length on a once or twice a month cadence. Furthermore, the existing Model-Based Characteristics WG is an active group developing a separate new DMSC specification will provide QIF integration extensions.

Most importantly, interested companies and individuals are invited to join the higher level QIF 4.0 WG, which is Chaired by Daniel Campbell, with Dr. Tom Kramer as Project Manager. This WG will integrate solutions from the above WGs, and other sources, to provide a comprehensive and upgraded QIF offering. The QIF 4.0 WG new standard proposal is anticipated to be ready for submission to ANSI for approval in early or mid-2024.

Since being founded in 2005, DMSC has developed multiple metrology-centric industrial ANSI and ISO standards which have been adopted on a worldwide basis.

Contact DMSC Executive Director, Mark Thomas, for details and links to join these Working Group meetings.