DMSC Announces QIF 4.0

17 October 22

DMSC Announces Next Version of QIF Will Be 4.0

QIF by DMSC blueA long-awaited answer for the QIF (Quality Information Framework) Community has been revealed: the next version of QIF will be 4.0.

Phase 1

Recently, the DMSC initiated a Phase 1 project to propose potential enhancements to the current version; QIF 3.0. Dr. Tom Kramer was contracted by the DMSC to evaluate and compile a collection of suggested upgrades and enhancements that could be rolled into the next version of QIF. Additionally, a survey was conducted within participating QIF Users, Solution Providers, and others, indicating an overwhelming interest in making QIF a more comprehensive schema that would assist continued and accelerated QIF adoption as Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) becomes more prevalent by progressive companies seeking a competitive business strategy.

Phase 2

A Phase 2 project has been outlined and will commence with Tom Kramer as Project Manager. The DMSC Board of Directors is expected to approve the formation of the DMSC Next QIF Working Group (WG). If approved by the BoD, this Working Group will set the direction of the QIF 4.0 effort.

Once a WG Charter is created, the WG will be looking for DMSC members and other interested individuals (DMSC membership not required) to join and participate in regular meetings to develop and document the Standard. The Next QIF WG will evaluate appropriate concepts from new/existing WGs for inclusion in the QIF 4.0 product submittal, using a formalized set of ANSI procedures.

It is anticipated that QIF 4.0 will continue with the same XML Schema Definition Language that was a success for QIF 3.0. The goal will be to have a proposal ready for ANSI submission within 12 months. Harvesting the future proposed standard for ISO is likely, with a decision being made by DMSC, later in 2023.

Look for future announcements about the Next QIF Working Group, as interested individuals from all technology sectors are being encouraged to participate. Direct any questions or desired involvement to DMSC Executive Director, Mark Thomas by email.