DMSC Conducts Election for 2022-24 Board of Directors

15 December 21

DMSC Board of Director (BoD) members are elected from the DMSC membership. At the end of the 2021 calendar year, two BoD members will be rotating off, and two will be elected for a three-year 2022-2024 term.

About a month ago, a request for nominations was sent out to the DMSC membership, and we are pleased to announce we have received four nominees for the two open BoD positions.

2022 – 2024 DMSC Board of Director Nominees
December 8, 2021

Jeremy Hamilton
Senior Staff Metrology Engineer – John Deere

Jeremy Hamilton is engaged in the development, deployment, and support of John Deere’s Coordinate Metrology systems globally which includes leveraging QIF daily. Jeremy started his career in John Deere with roles in Design, Manufacturing, Facilities, and Factory Automation Engineering.

Jeremy has been focused and aligned to standards, recognizing industry standards are the only way to provide sustainable interoperability. Jeremy moved on to an Enterprise role where he owned, deployed, and supported OPC standard communications for all John Deere factories globally. Further, he led the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) initiative for John Deere and aligned the terminology to industry standards.

In 2015, Jeremy joined Enterprise Metrology where he found the same synergies around standards and innovation with the mission of leveraging QIF to streamline the Metrology strategy for John Deere.

Jesse Zahner
Product Specialist – Sigmetrix

Jesse Zahner is a Product Specialist and Technical Writer for Sigmetrix. In this role, Jesse helps expand and improve the MBE/QIF content offered while consulting on customer cases for product deployment.

A blend of both factory-floor experience as a drill/milling operator and a Master’s degree in MBE from Purdue has enabled him to work hand-in-hand with customers from start to finish. Prior to Sigmetrix he worked for Elysium, developing MBE/MBD content while leading their push into QIF.

As a student of the piano, he believes that a bit of fun and a lot of hard work can get you anywhere.

Ray Stahl
President and Founder – 2BMobile, LLC

Ray Stahl is a current DMSC board member and President and founder of 2BMobile LLC. 2BMobile LLC is a marketing consultancy that helps CXOs, and their organizations become leaders within the Industry 4.0 movement to digital transformation.

Ray comes with over thirty years of sales, marketing, and business development experience in the Information Technology industry and recently at Kotem, part of Quality Vision International, a metrology company. A few of his former employers where Texas Instruments, Seagate Technology and Dell Technologies.
Ray holds degrees Industrial Engineering from Clarkson University, and MBA and an IT master’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Ray is a former Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt.

Sam Gambrell
Advanced Inspection Technology, Quality Engineer – Lockheed Martin

Sam Gambrell received a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from WPI, Master’s in Industrial Process Engineering from RPI, and some graduate certificates with a focus on engineering and data science.

Sam worked at Sikorsky aircraft for 15 years, the first seven as a design engineer covering development, production, and aftermarket; then as a quality engineer working everything from FAIs to RCCAs. Currently working projects to incorporate advanced technology into the quality organization, including the implementation of a digital thread within quality. Involved in the QIF FAI work group and the digital twin identifiers work group.

By now, all DMSC members should have received a request to vote email message from Mark Thomas, DMSC Executive Director (, which was emailed on December 8, 2021.

Each DMSC member company is being asked to vote for two candidates to fill the two open Board of Director positions. A list of the current DMSC BoD members can be found on the DMSC website. Voting concludes on December 31, 2021 with the results being announced on January 3, 2022.

For more information, contact Mark Thomas, DMSC Executive Director;