DMSC Recalibrating Membership Materials

09 February 22

Working to Keep DMSC Membership Strong

QIF by DMSC-BlueAt some of our more recent DMSC General Membership meetings, it was brought to our attention that there is a need for better “Join DMSC” membership materials that will assist companies in navigating their Quality Information Framework (QIF) journey as members of DMSC.

We listened, and a new set of membership materials is being developed to help prospective DMSC members understand the benefits of joining DMSC. The new membership materials will include:

  • brief “Executive Summary” video
  • updated “Benefits of Joining DMSC” value proposition summary
  • updated “DMSC – Why, Who & What” PowerPoint, with a QIF technical focus for Engineers

This new DMSC membership promotional material trio is designed to introduce DMSC/QIF at the executive level, provide details about the benefits of joining DSMC and a myriad of technical points that will energize the engineering community about the expanded acceptance and implementation of the QIF standard by Quality organizations worldwide.

The expected release date for these new promotional materials is mid-April 2022, and will be available for download from the DMSC/QIF website for distribution to executives, engineers, and companies that may not be familiar with QIF and are beginning their MBD transformation.

Keeping our DMSC membership strong and growing is a priority that will keep QIF relevant now and in the future. DMSC membership, and all its benefits, is a viable way to streamline real-world QIF implementation.

For immediate information about membership, contact our Executive Director Mark Thomas by email: