DMSC SharePoint Offers Insight Into Working Group Activity

26 March 23

Working Groups Documents RepositoryIn mid-2022, DMSC began the migration from using their Google Drive to using Microsoft SharePoint as the repository for sharing DMSC files and folders. This transition is now nearly complete, with current Working Group (WG) proceedings (and more) being available to all via DMSC SharePoint. Participation has been highly-active by way of the scheduled WG meetings and there has been strong demand to view completed documents for both the QIF 4.0 and Model-Based Characteristics (MBC) initiatives.

The goal has been to make WG documentation, and other DMSC activities, available to all. Despite a few minor issues with access, this mission has been completed. In keeping with the ANSI theme of “openness”, documentation for most DMSC activities is available to “anyone with the link”.

Each WG has its own folder on the DMSC SharePoint drive, and typically includes:
• recording of each meeting
• updated PowerPoint presentation for that meeting
• attendance list

Use the link below to easily access DMSC activities from the DMSC SharePoint drive:

DMSC Activity Use this link
QIF 4.0 Working Group QIF 4.0 Working Group
Model-Based Characteristics Working Group Model-Based Characteristics WG
2023 DMSC General Membership Meetings 2023 General Membership Meetings
Functional Testing Working Group Functional Testing WG
QIF Training/Certification Task Group Task Group

DMSC recommends that you “bookmark” these links for future use.

If you have any questions or run into any issues accessing the above SharePoint folders using the links provided, contact DMSC Executive Director Mark Thomas for assistance: