DMSC Standards Committee Readies for MBC Submission from WG

23 April 23

Model-Based Characteristics Standard LogoThe Model-Based Characteristics (MBC) Working Group (WG) is nearing completion of a new proposed metrology standard: MBC 1.0. WG co-Chair Mark Nielson (TechAzul) has indicated that a finished document should be ready for submission to the DMSC Standards Committee in just a few weeks.

The process of moving from WG to the DMSC Standards Committee to ANSI is defined in the 2022 version of the DMSC-ANSI Procedures. New standards that are intended to ultimately be designated by ANSI as an American National Standard (ANS) must follow these procedures – and this is the intent for MBC 1.0. The DMSC Standards Committee has scheduled an in-person meeting hosted at the University of Texas at Arlington (DFW) for June 20 – 22, 2023. The Standards Committee will convene and complete a final review of the to-be-submitted documents, and then do a formalized vote to decide to submit this version of the MBC 1.0 to ANSI.

According to ANSI procedures, any interested individual or company may request to be part of the Standards Committee activities – DMSC membership is encouraged, but not required. Anyone wanting to join the DMSC Standards Committee must submit a written (email) request to Standards Committee Chair Ray Admire (Lockheed Martin) or DMSC Executive Director Mark Thomas (DMSC). A simple note to request inclusion is adequate. By individual request, MBC WG participants have already been included in the Standards Committee. To be compliant with ANSI procedures, additional requests must be made by May 22nd, 2023. Note there will be one vote per Standards Committee company – companies with multiple involved individuals should make a decision as to who will represent the company for voting purposes.

Additionally, according to ANSI procedures, members of the Standards Committee must have some “active participation” in the development effort, which could include being part of the MBC WG, or, at the very least, attending the June in-person meeting. Part of the in-person meeting will be available as a tele-meeting conference, but interactive communication is beyond what the facility (UT) can provide and should be considered for informational purposes only.

As this effort draws closer to completion, look for interim, single-subject announcements to keep you up to date. Or contact Mark Thomas for more detailed information.