Everyday QIF Explained at Metromeet 2021

24 February 21

Metromeet 2021 Virtual Metrology ConferenceWith the acceptance of QIF 3.0 by ISO in 2020, the ability to exchange model-based Quality data up and down the manufacturing supply chain is now a bit more mainstream.

Jennifer Herron, CEO of Action Engineering (Golden, Colorado, USA), will present at the virtual 2021 Metromeet Conference March 25, 2021 on applications of the Quality Information Framework (QIF): “How this new ISO standard can be used for interoperability of 3D metrology data”.

QIF LogoAt the 2018 ISO / TC 184 / SC 4 Committee meeting in Chicago, the ISO committee accepted the submission of Quality Information Framework (QIF) for the Fast Track Ballot process. In July 2020, ISO approved and entirely harvested the ANSI/DMSC QIF v3.0 standard. The new standard is called ISO 23952-2020, “Automation systems and integration — Quality information framework (QIF) — an integrated model for manufacturing quality information.” This standard is intended to help advanced manufacturers reduce costs, offer a common format for product measurement results, and is a critical enabler for digital transformation via MBE (Model-Based Enterprise).

Jennifer Herron CEO Action Engineering Ms. Herron is on the DMSC Board of Directors, and is a subject matter expert in Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) for multiple CAD packages, such as Creo, NX, and SOLIDWORKS. Additionally, Jennifer is a contributing member of multiple industry standards committees, and is the author of the book “Re-Use Your CAD: The Model-Based CAD Handbook”.
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Metromeet is an International Conference on Industrial Dimensional Metrology since 2005 and a key meeting point for Metrology professionals. Traditionally held in Bilbao, Spain, the 2021 event will be held virtually on March 25, 2021.
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DMSC, the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium, is the developer of metrology-related standards such as QIF and DMIS. DMSC is a nonprofit, member owned corporation with the mission to develop new metrology standards, support current standards, and coordinate and harmonize with other related standards efforts.
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