Finish Line in Sight for New MBC Standard

21 November 23

In June 2020, the DMSC began the development of a new metrology standard to provide a common approach for tagging and uniquely identifying product characteristics that are of interest for the product realization process in a Model-Based environment.

The goal was to create an ANSI/ISO standard that would be applicable for both human-readable communication and machine-readable applications that can enable the digital thread. The proposed standard is named “Model-Based Characteristics: Persistent Identification and Related Digital Practices” (MBC v1.0).

Three years of effort by the MBC Working Group resulted in a completed standard proposal that was recently (June 2023) presented to the DMSC Standards Committee for approval, as part of the ANSI development process. After a couple of days of “fine-tuning” at an in-person meeting, the DMSC Standards Committee vote was overwhelmingly affirmative, and the proposal now has moved on to the next step in the ANSI approval process.

After completing a mandatory Public Review period, the proposed MBC standard will be subject to an ANSI special audit to assure compliance with all ANSI procedures. This audit is currently underway, and positive results are expected.

Once the audit is complete, the proposed standard will be submitted to ANSI via their BSR-9 form, with the last step in the process to be a final review and approval by the ANSI executive committee.  ANSI would then publish the MBC proposal as an official ANS (American National Standard).

When approved and published by ANSI, the MBC 1.0 standard (190 pages) will be available from DMSC free of charge.