Interoperability for Feedback Loops at Quality Show 2021

04 August 21

Robert Brown, Lab and Systems Development Manager at Mitutoyo America Corporation presents at the 2021 Quality Show Learning Theater, October 26-28, 2021 in Rosemont IL.

Interoperability for Feedback Loops from Dimensional Metrology in Digital Manufacturing using QIF

Interoperability in feedback loops is a very old problem within the digital thread and is an under served aspect of the contemporary standards community and R&D initiatives in general. While downstream information data flows have received much attention and have matured significantly over the last decade, this presentation will highlight many potential opportunities for interoperability standards such as the Quality Information Framework (QIF), to provide a transport mechanism for many use cases in digital manufacturing that require feedback loops.

Robert Brown, Mitutoyo

Mr. Robert Brown

Robert Brown received a BS in Physics from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and an MBA from the Northern Illinois University. 25 years of experience in metrology and manufacturing specializing in MeasurLink application development for quality data acquisition, management, and analysis. He serves as a chair of the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC) Quality Information Framework (QIF) Statistics Working Group. Robert co-authored the book Information Modeling for Interoperable Dimensional Metrology. Current responsibilities include managing software research and systems development at Mitutoyo America Corporation.

Quality Information Framework (QIF) was elevated to ISO Standard Status in August 2020 (ISO 23952:2020).  Modern quality operations consist of complex cyber-physical systems that are required to constantly gather and use digital manufacturing data. Often multiple players throughout the supply chain employ one or more proprietary software products, resulting in a critical communication break between supply chain partners. The data relevant to each partner must be intelligently organized and communicated. Enter Quality Information Framework (QIF): an XML-based, CAD-agnostic platform and standard. QIF seamlessly defines, organizes, and associates quality information including: measurement plans, results, part geometry and product manufacturing information (PMI), measurement templates, resources, statistical analysis, etc.

For more information about the QIF standard please contact the DMSC Executive Director, Mark Thomas.

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