Jennifer Herron Keynote Speaker at METROMEET 2020

27 February 20

Metromeet 2020 Bilbao SpainJennifer Herron, CEO of Action Engineering and member of the DMSC Board of Directors, selected as Keynote Speaker at the Metromeet International Conference on Industrial Dimensional Metrology event in Bilboa, Spain, March 3-5, 2020.

Ms. Herron has written multiple books and papers specializing in moving technology companies into a Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) using Model-Based Definition (MBD).

The Metromeet Conference theme will focus on these key topics: Real Applications of Intelligent Metrology, Advanced Instrumentation and Calibration, Metrology and Industry 4.0, and New Dimensional Metrology Solutions.

The conference will address challenges companies face today in assessing the benefits of adopting smart metrology technologies. Topics such as predictive maintenance and interoperability will be key for companies looking to make the leap to optimized, digital production. The event offers the possibility to connect and discover technology, solutions and applications in an industrial environment.

Jennifer Herron

As Keynote Speaker, Ms. Herron’s presentation topic is titled: “The Only Thing Constant is Change: What Happens to Quality Data When Engineering Changes Happen.”

One of the largest business benefits from digital 3D CAD data exchange in the supply chain is managing engineering change communication and management. However, the details are often obscured because machine-readable data is challenging to comprehend by leaders and implementors.  The presentation will show the data elements and will explain the exchange of engineering changes and how they can be leveraged in metrology.

Event participants will learn how the Quality Information Framework (QIF) can be leveraged to communicate changes and how traceability occurs during the change handoff.

The more companies that understand the digital data exchange process as it changes hands from company to company, the more we Trust Digital.

Keynote Presentation by Jennifer Herron, CEO of Action Engineering
Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2020
The Only Thing Constant is Change: What Happens to Quality Data When Engineering Changes Happen