MBE Summit & QIF Summit Offer Model-Based Enterprise Focus

27 February 24

A premier joint event is planned for April 2024 – the Quality Information Framework (QIF) Summit along with the highly popular Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Summit, featuring technical content organized by DMSC and NIST, respectively. The event venue will be the Chicago Manufacturing x Digital (MxD) facility. It will include three and a half days of MBE and QIF technical presentations, panel discussions, and informational sessions from NIST and DMSC. For more information: MBE Summit & QIF Summit

The MBE Summit is scheduled for Tuesday, April 16, and Wednesday, April 17. The QIF Summit will follow on Thursday, April 18, and Friday, April 19, morning. One registration fee (US$ 200) covers both events.

The MBE Summit brings academia, government, and industry experts into a forum to discuss challenges, implementation, and lessons learned in a Model-Based Enterprise. It includes all aspects of the product lifecycle from design, manufacturing, quality assurance, and sustainment of products, where a digital 3D model acts as the authoritative source of information. For more information: MBE Summit

The QIF Summit brings together those people and organizations interested in developing and using an open standard to facilitate the seamless movement of a model-based definition and manufacturing quality data. Quality Information Framework (QIF) 3.0 is a structured way to achieve that objective. We invite everyone interested in the standard and who wants to help improve and expand it to join us at this year’s QIF Summit by DMSC. For more information: QIF Summit

The combined programs will include up to 26 technical presentations from Subject Matter Experts from both large and small companies and in different disciplines. Several QIF round table discussions are planned, and your participation is encouraged. Click here to view the event schedule.

MxD in Chicago is an excellent venue; however, due to space constraints, registration will be limited to 200 attendees, and a sold-out event is anticipated. Register now to avoid disappointment!

Click here to purchase MBE Summit & QIF Summit Tickets.

Download a copy of the QIF agenda here.