Model-Based Characteristics Working Group Update

16 January 23

Working Group Nears Final Review for New ANSI Standard

Model-Based Characteristics Standard LogoThe Model-Based Characteristics Working Group (MBC WG), which has been actively developing a new Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC) metrology standard since 2019, is nearing the proverbial finish line. The yet-to-be-submitted new ANSI standard is centered around the identification and usage of product characteristics (PC) that can be augmented with criticality designations, product requirement associations, and quality plan requirements.

A collaborative WG review will identify final document changes before submission to the DMSC Standards Committee (DMSC SC). As part of the ANSI standard submission process, the DMSC SC will review and accept (by a documented vote) the final version of the proposed standard, before submission by DMSC to ANSI.


Submission to the DMSC Standards Committee is expected by the end of March 2023. A call to join the DMSC SC will be announced via the DMSC monthly newsletter and QIF/DMSC website news. Current MBC WG members and other interested companies/individuals are welcome to join the DMSC SC, but will need to specifically request participation access according to ANSI procedures. DMSC membership is encouraged, but not required, to participate on this committee.

Once the proposed standard is submitted to ANSI (sometime in April/May 2023), it will be posted by ANSI for public review and comment. Public review generally takes about 60 days. If public comments are returned, it will be the MBC WG that generates a response. Public review comments are rare, but do happen on occasion.

The next meeting date of the Model-Based Characteristics Working Group is Wednesday, January 25, 2023; they are currently meeting the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 11am ET.

If all goes according to (DMSC) plan, ANSI should be ready to publish the new DMSC Model-Based Characteristics standard by July/August 2023. If participation in the Standards Committee holds interest for you, please reach out now to DMSC Executive Director, Mark Thomas by email.