New ANSI Standard Emerging from DMSC Characteristics Working Group

16 February 21

MBD Persistent Identification DMSC Characteristics Working GroupThe DMSC Characteristics Working Group has created multiple iterations of a Model-Based standard to describe nomenclature, definitions, data structure, criticality, symbols, and practices, including Model-Based Definition (MBD) with Persistent Identification. The Characteristics Working Group’s intent is to complete a draft standard for submission to ANSI, a document that can be used as a new reference for the interpretation of features and design intent throughout the manufacturing supply chain.

The Characteristics Working Group, initiated in July 2020, is co-chaired by Curtis Brown (Honeywell) and Mark Neilson (TechAzul). The participants, mostly from DMSC member companies, are engaged as a joint effort by multiple corporate and academic entities representing various manufacturing industries.

The Characteristics Working Group meets (virtually) twice a month and is currently up to “Revision C” of a 47-page draft standards document.

The group meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 11 am ET. Representatives from up to 20 global companies participate at any given meeting.  Meeting details on this and other DMSC Working Groups can be found on the DMSC Events Calendar.

New participants (including non-DMSC members) are welcome to observe or participate.