New QIF webinar offered by Capvidia and ITI Global

28 August 23

Trusted QIF: Automating MBE with Validated Parts

QIF by DMSC blueDMSC members and solution providers:  Capvidia and ITI Global have teamed up to host a one-hour QIF webinar scheduled for Thursday, September 7th at 10am CT.

This no-charge webinar features all new QIF-centric content showing the correct implementation of MBD/MBE by providing necessary steps such as publishing & validating QIF data. The joint presentation will showcase the value of automating with MBD/MBE by reducing errors, introducing cost-savings, and improving product time-to-market. ITI and Capvidia will provide insights into ISO QIF, a neutral CAD format that is highly regarded and adopted by companies preparing for MBE.

In this free, hour-long webinar, we will cover the following:

• What is QIF and how to unlock MBD/MBE?
• How QIF impacts design, manufacturing, inspection and the supply chain.
• How to get started with QIF and MBE initiatives.

All registrants will have an option to view the recording after registering for the webinar.

The ISO QIF format is a robust neutral CAD standard pivotal for driving Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) initiatives. It facilitates the direct use of 3D MBD data downstream, automating tasks in quality control and other applications.

About Capvidia
Capvidia provides True MBD (model-based definition). Model-based definition (MBD) is the practice of having the 3D CAD model become the authoritative information source for a product’s lifecycle. This is done by including semantic product manufacturing information (PMI) within the 3D CAD model that is both human and machine-readable. Innovators in digital manufacturing have seen double-digital productivity gains (up to 20%) with the adoption of model-based workflows.

ITI a wipro companyAbout ITI, a Wipro company
ITI specializes in conversion, integration, validation and migration solutions for product data and related systems. Our customers recognize the value of having a trusted solution partner that provides more than just software. ITI solves complex product data interoperability problems so that the world’s leading manufacturers can focus on making great products. In 2019 ITI became a wholly owned subsidiary of Wipro Limited, a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company. ITI operates within the Wipro Engineering business that provides customers with a platform to innovate and engineer the next generation of products and platforms at scale.

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