Next Gen QIF Planning Continues

13 June 22

QIF Project Manager Tom Kramer’s efforts to identify and categorize features, functions, and updates to QIF 3.0 continue. He has been conducting various meetings and leading conversations with a wide variety of QIF implementers. Through that process, Tom has identified 109 items/issues that will be considered as potential upgrades to QIF 3.0, yet to be designated as either QIF 3.1 or QIF 4.0.

Although Tom had expected to have completed his Phase 1 tasks by mid-July 2022, his conclusions will be delayed as he waits for more information from several key QIF content contributors. The delay will be minimal, but this information is key to producing a thorough and holistic analysis of all potential upgrades to QIF 3.0.

Phase 1 of the project is essentially summarizing potential upgrades to QIF 3.0, and determining which updates would be appropriate for a QIF 3.1 or QIF 4.0. Staying compatible with QIF 3.0 is the key criteria as to whether a path to QIF 3.1 or QIF 4.0 is chosen.

The DMSC Board of Directors is currently negotiating terms for Phase 2 of the project, which will involve the actual upgrades and updates to QIF.

Virtual Next Gen QIF meetings are being held online every two weeks, and interest from the QIF community is high. Check the DMSC events calendar for meeting details and links to join in the conversation. Reach out to DMSC Executive Director Mark Thomas with any additional questions: