OAGi Release OAGIS 10.8.3 with QIF 3.0 Support

11 November 22

Responsible for maintaining the Quality Information Framework Standard (QIF 3.0) and promoting its use, the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium board and working groups are encouraged by solution provider announcements spotlighting their incorporation of QIF into their offerings. Here’s one that recently caught our eye.

Oct. 24, 2022

OAGIS has a 28-year reputation of serving companies all over the globe with the most powerful canonical standard in the world for enterprise business transactions. From purchase orders and ship notifications to maintenance requests and work-in-progress status notifications, OAGIS does it all. Additionally, the standards harmonization efforts over the years have led to interoperability between OAGIS and EDI X12, IPC 1754, S-Series, Chem eStandards, AgXML, and the list goes on.

QIF 3.0 DownloadNow, with the release of OAGIS 10.8.3, the Open Applications Group is pleased to announce further interoperability between OAGIS and the QIF 3.0 standard from the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC). QIF 3.0 is the leading quality standard for manufacturing companies and offers thorough support for quality information specifications, as well as reporting of the quality results after manufacturing and machining has completed. To support this major development in standards interoperability, OAGIS has made considerable updates to their Test Specification, Test Method, and our Test Results nouns. For more information, please visit oagi.org.

As you may have heard, we will be upgrading the QIF standard to 4.0 in the coming months. If your organization is folding QIF functionality into your interoperability objectives and manufacturing solutions, be sure to stay in touch regarding this upcoming release. Reach out to our Executive Director, Mark Thomas with questions and comments: mark.thomas@qifstandards.org