QIF Implementation Tutorials

With the cancellation of the NIST 2020 MBE Summit, Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC) instead presented a series of 60-minute webinars delivering content originally intended as Quality Information Framework (QIF) tutorials at the 2020 MBE Summit.

We invite you to watch the recorded versions of these tutorials, review PDFs of the presentations, and share with your team members and peers who may find this useful as they consider implementation of the QIF standard in their workspace.

QIF 101 Understanding QIF Basics YouTube link

QIF 101: Understanding QIF Basics
First, one must understand the basics of the ANSI/DMSC Quality Information Framework (QIF) interoperability standard.  DMSC President Curtis Brown discusses what QIF is, why it matters and how it provides benefit to the Model-Based Enterprise (MBE).

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QIF 201 Outlining the QIF Schema Webinar on YouTube

QIF 201: Outlining the QIF Schemas
DMSC Board Director Daniel Campbell reviews the technology of the standard, the structure of the QIF, and top-level data elements of the QIF schema.

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QIF 301 Beginners Guide to QIF 3.0 Implementation Webinar on YouTube

QIF 301: A Beginner’s Guide to QIF3.0 Implementation
DMSC Member Tom Kramer gets more technical as we share one way to write code implementing the QIF.  Tom follows a code writing approach using a common coding language. Viewers gain a better understanding of what the QIF is, how it can be used and implemented, and why it is needed for the connected digital cyber/physical enterprise.

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Download QIF 301 Presentation (scroll down to QIF 301)

For more information on implementation of the QIF standard or to make suggestions on features and improvements, visit our QIF GitHub Community page.  Feel free to Contact Us with additional questions and we encourage you to sign up to receive news, updates, and announcements related to the QIF standard.