QIF PMI Report Developed by NIST

01 May 24

Robert Lipman, Research Engineer, Systems Engineering Group at NIST has developed new software to ‘analyze’ Quality Information Framework (QIF) files. The software is based on ideas from his STEP File Analyzer software, for which he was awarded the Department of Commerce Bronze Medal.

The new QIF software is called ‘QIF PMI Report’, or QPR. The objective is to generate a report about the Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) in a QIF file based on the QIF Model-Based Definition (MBD). The software very simply runs from a command prompt and generates an Excel spreadsheet. Documentation shows by example how the software generates the report.


For more information on this new QPR report, click here.

A free download of the software is available at this link.

The QIF community is very grateful for the ongoing support provided by NIST, a long-time member and partner of the DMSC!