QIF Round-Table at NIST/MBE Summit 2019

26 March 19

QIF for Industry: Open Round-Table Forum
April 1-4, 2019
Gaithersburg, MD

You are invited to join an open round-table discussion with representatives from the QIF Community, authors, implementers, users, and thought leaders at the NIST MBE Summit 2019. Those at the table will discuss the scope and uses for the new ANSI/DMSC QIF v3.0 standard and status on progressing QIF as an ISO/QIF.  We will also discuss the development and adoption of QIF from vendors and large industrial end users.

Presentation:  April 3rd, Session #16-E @ 14:10

The manufacturing industry is recognizing that the Quality Information Framework (QIF) standard has become a viable solution for fulfilling their data interoperability voids within a digital product realization enterprise. Not only does the QIF specifically address digital metrology’s needs for a robust, common measurement results format, it also exceeds quality planning needs by resolving the feature-based, semantic-PMI requirements within a Model-Based Definition. Furthermore, industry is realizing the power of digitally-persistent, universally-unique, product characteristics (aka Bill of Characteristics) that opens huge opportunities for closed-loop feedback throughout the digital Model-Based Enterprise. All within an easy to implement, modern data schema and exchange format.

Recently, the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC) successfully promoted QIF as ANSI /DMSC QIF v3.0 2018. Furthermore, the ISO/TC 184/SC 4 (the maintainers of the STEP AP203 and AP242 standards), via their Digital Manufacturing working group (WG15) sponsored the harvesting of the ANSI/QIF standard to become an ISO/QIF 23592 standard.

You are invited to take a seat at the QIF “Round-Table” and join representatives from the QIF Community in an open discussion on QIF related topics. Sit with QIF authors, QIF implementers, QIF industry end-users, MBD specialists, DMSC board members, and other thought leaders as together we all share our QIF stories past, present, and future. Hear stories of success and struggles in changing manufacturing processes and cultures towards the adoption of MBE using QIF. Gain insights from the QIF authors and implementers. Hear the vision and plans for what QIF is and can be used for. Then ask your questions, share your perspective and concerns on the current or next generation of digital manufacturing.

Some questions that might be asked include: Why has QIF been garnering so much attention from large industrial end users over the last few years? How can QIF and semantic Model Based Definition be implemented effectively in my organization?

We invite you to join in the conversation.  We have a fine collection of experts gathered who will be at the table. Reach out to us with your questions and thoughts before or during the Summit:

Curtis Brown | Honeywell FM&T | Kansas City, MO USA
Daniel Campbell | Capvidia | TX, USA
Coleman Donnelly | Stryker | USA
Rich Eckenrode | Elysium Inc. | MI, USA
Jennifer Herron | Action Engineering | Golden, CO, USA
Omar El-Abed | GE Appliances | USA
Martin Hardwick | STEP Tools | NY, USA
Ryan Gelotte | Action Engineering | Golden, CO, USA
Cory Leland | John Deere | IA, USA
Mark Nielsen | TechAzul | CA, USA
Ray Stahl | Kotem | VT, USA
Bob Stone | Origin International | Richmond Hill, ON, Canada