QIF Tech Series 2021: DMSC Calls for Presentations

15 March 21

QIF Tech Series by DMSC QIF Tech Series 2021 by Digital Metrology Standards Consortium

Starting in April 2021, the DMSC kicks off the QIF Tech Series. This will be a series of “Coffee Chat” webinars intended to inform and educate the Quality/Metrology community about Quality Information Framework (“QIF”) implementations and best practices.

End-users and Solution Providers (SP) are invited to present their perspectives on QIF topics in a relaxed, non-competitive webinar venue. Each “Coffee Chat” will be a 20-30 minute presentation, followed by 15 minutes for questions and answers.

End-Users are encouraged to share their experiences on the “QIF Journey” with real-world stories and insight as to the future of what is needed for QIF to continue its progress as a mainstream strategy.

Solution Providers can introduce themselves, discuss technical solutions and share how their offerings have become key components in the QIF implementations by End-Users. Sessions by the SPs are intended to be solution-focused, and will undoubtedly be an opportunity to acquaint the QIF community with what solutions are available and who can provide them.

The DMSC’s “Coffee Chat” sessions will be offered monthly (at a minimum) throughout the summer/fall.

Topics of interest:

• What is QIF: Where did it come from, and where is it heading?
• QIF End-User Implementation Success Story
• Model-Based Definition (MBD) & QIF topics
• GD&T topics & QIF
• How Metrology Standards Benefit Advanced Manufacturing Companies
• End Users and Solution Providers are encouraged to add other topics that may be of value

DMSC Member End-Users and Solution Providers are requested to submit QIF-centric topics they would like to discuss with the DMSC Quality/Metrology community. Several sessions have been scheduled for the upcoming months. We encourage you to develop your presentation concept and submit it soon for consideration; June is the next available slot on our schedule.

DMSC Members are invited to submit their presentation title & abstract to DMSC Executive Director Mark Thomas as soon as possible: mark.thomas@qifstandards.org