QIF Training/Certification WG Touts Draft Charter

24 July 23

The DMSC QIF Training/Certification Working Group (WG) was presented with a draft Charter at the most recent meeting, July 11, 2023. A Charter is an essential element that will guiding the group effort far into the future. The purpose of this WG is to develop a comprehensive QIF training program that may include certification (by DMSC) after completion. The initial effort defined in the new Charter should be considered “Phase 1”, as this is a very substantial task that will offer QIF Basic training to start, and could expand further if there is market demand.

QIF Training Certification Draft Charter ReleasedJesse Zahner (Sigmetrix) will be the WG Chair, and Mark Thomas (DMSC) will be acting as Vice Chair. The Working Group will meet on an “every other week” cadence. Tuesdays at 9am ET have been reserved for the main Working Group. It is planned that the main WG will split off into sub-working groups (sub-WG) in the near future.

Upcoming Meetings: July 25, Aug 8, Aug 22 @ 9am ET
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The main WG will focus on the overall effort, while the sub-WGs will work out the details of various aspects of the overall task. Sub-WG tasks will include development of a technical curriculum, program marketing, and administrative logistics. These three sub-WGs will meet regularly and report back to the main WG, although this level of detail is yet to be worked out.

While the main WG is essentially starting from scratch, DMSC is having conversations with other organizations, such as CMS (Coordinate Metrology Society), that have established and mature training programs already in place. Possibilities include a joint effort with CMS, or even using the successful CMS program as a model.

Anyone with interest or expertise in any one of the above areas – curriculum development, program marketing, or administrative logistics are welcome to join the main WG meeting. Your particular area of expertise would be of great help when the sub-WGs begin their work (meaning QIF expertise is not a requirement).

Need more info? Contact Jesse Zahner or Mark Thomas for more details.