QIF Training/Certification Working Group Seeks LMS Expertise

25 September 23

DMSC QIF Training & Certification Working GroupThe DMSC’s QIF Training/Certification Working Group (WG) continues to progress in the development of a technical curriculum and research of a suitable Learning Management System (LMS) that can offer professional level presentation to participants in the training program. To that end, two sub-working groups (sub-WG) have been formed to support the primary WG; the role of each is defined below.

The first sub-WG is a collection of QIF Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that will define content to be the basis for the presented QIF training material. The original intent of the program was to develop a basic level QIF course, with additional, more technical courses to follow. As the content list grows, there has been discussion about matching the technical material with the right audience, as completing a QIF implementation can be fairly complex. More discussion is needed as to how to assure this initial QIF course is meaningful.

The second is a Logistics sub-WG with the task of putting all the pieces in place to offer a process to enroll, train, and record training results. The first task will be to chose a suitable LMS from a variety of commercially available products. The choices range from a highly popular open source product called Moodle, to more sophisticated and focused LMS systems. This selection process will be a major decision and a collaborative decision is a key to success – participation by individuals with LMS expertise (or interest) is requested.

The main Training/Certification WG meets every other week. Working Group Chairs for each of the sub-WGs have not been determined and your help is needed. We have good expertise for the Technical Content sub-WG, but more input is needed for the Logistics sub-WG would be really helpful. You don’t need to be a QIF SME to assist in the Logistics effort.

We hope you want to know more: please contact Jesse Zahner, Training/Certification WG Chair, or Mark Thomas, DMSC Executive Director.