QIF Webinar Series Exceeds Expectations

26 May 20

The recent 3-part QIF webinar series exceeded registration and attendance expectations and produced excellent reviews by many participants. The webinars, each running about 40 minutes, covered QIF basics (QIF 101), QIF schema (QIF 201) and more advanced applications (QIF 301).

The webinar series was marketed through a series of email blasts and the DMSC newsletter. Webinar attendance:

  • QIF 101; Understanding QIF Basics, presented by Curtis Brown – 130 participants
  • QIF 201; Outlining the QIF Schemas, presented by Daniel Campbell – 145
  • QIF 301; A Beginners Guide to QIF 3.0 Implementation, presented by Tom Kramer – 220

Engagement was high, based on the number and quality of participant questions at the end of each session.

When considering Registration vs Attendance performance, the industry average is about 46% (Webinar Benchmarks Report from ON24) – this QIF webinar series produced nearly 70% for that benchmark.

The entire 3-part QIF webinar series was recorded and is now available from the QIF website on the newly added “Resources” page.  QIF Webinar presentations are available for download in PDF format from our Resources page, along with the QIF 3.0 standard and other important DMSC assets.

Future QIF webinars are being considered as an ongoing DMSC activity.