Summary from the 85th Plenary for ISO/TC 184/SC 4

24 July 23

Jennifer Herron, Digital Metrology Standards Consortium Board Director and Action Engineering CEO, attended the 85th Plenary for ISO/TC 184/SC 4 on behalf of the DMSC as a Class-A Liaison held in St. Dennis, France in June 2023. She shares with us her notes on the meeting discussions, as well as her presentation.

ISO/TC 184/SC 4 is the ISO committee that governs STEP AP-242.

DMSC at ISO TC 184 2023 St Dennis FranceThe official scope of this committee is the standardization of the content, meaning, structure, representation, and quality management of the information required to define an engineered product and its characteristics at any required level of detail at any part of its lifecycle from conception through disposal, together with the interfaces required to deliver and collect the information necessary to support any business or technical process or service related to that engineered product during its lifecycle.

Meeting summary:

  • 793 published ISO standards from this committee … impressive
  • The Cavalcade day of cross-domain sharing is an important event to support awareness of other standards and efforts in interoperability. The organizations represented are: Airbus, Siemens, OPC Foundation, UMATI
  • There was a very popular Digital Twin Roadmap event held for the first time
  • STEP AP-242 Edition 4 is working on the following updates
    o Domain model
    o PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information)
    o PDQ (Product Data Quality)
    o EWIS
    o AP Module 442 Integration
    o Composites
    o Hybrid Modeling
    o UUIDs – A very hot topic with discussions of interoperability from engineering to manufacturing to quality (native to CAM to QIF)
  • Of particular note to DMSC:
    o ISO 10303-AP 238 (STEP NC) and the QIF Plan need harmonization

ISO TC 184 SC4 2023 85th PlenaryJennifer’s takeaway:

I was also honored to represent the DMSC and discuss how QIF and STEP harmonize together. QIF filled the inspection domain space where ISO 10303 had a gap. Everyone is very friendly, very smart, and open to the opportunities the future holds. I’m looking forward to the October 22-27, 2023 Fall meetings in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Click Here for Jennifer’s presentation on What’s New with QIF … the current state of our Quality Information Framework (QIF 3.0|ISO 23952:2020) standard.

For more information about QIF 3.0, the work currently in progress to move to QIF 4.0, and other ANSI and ISO standards the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium is responsible for maintaining and developing, reach out to DMSC Executive Director, Mark Thomas.