UTARI Hosts DMSC Standards Committee Meeting

26 June 23

Near record temperatures in Texas did not deter the DMSC Standards Committee (SC) from meeting in Ft. Worth (TX) to determine the suitability of a Model-Based Characteristics (MBC) Working Group (WG) proposal to ANSI. Nearly twenty companies attended the in-person meeting, held at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTARI), June 20 – 22, 2023.

Model-Based Characteristics Standard LogoThe inaugural MBC WG was convened in June, 2020 in an effort to establish a baseline for characteristics that are applied to a product definition. Since then, WG meetings were held twice a month, ultimately crafting a 186-page document that satisfied the intent of the initial WG charter.

The process of moving a new proposal from a WG to the DMSC Standards Committee is formally defined by ANSI Procedures. As part of the ANSI submission process, the MBC WG completed a proposal which was then given to the DMSC Standards Committee (SC) to review. The SC called an in-person meeting and made an announcement for any and all interested parties to join the meeting for the purpose of voting to decide if the proposal should be submitted to ANSI.

The SC completed a final review of the to-be-submitted document, and following the ANSI voting procedures, conducted a formalized vote to decide to submit this version of the MBC 1.0 to ANSI for approval.

DMSC Standards Committee Meeting June 20-22, 2023 lead by Ray Admire, Committee Chair

After some spirited discussion, voting by the SC for the proposal was overwhelmingly affirmative. Currently the proposal documents are in the final stages of preparation before making the actual submission to ANSI. The DMSC submission will first undergo an ANSI audit, then be announced to the world as the Public Comment part of the ANSI process. The proposal will be available for Public Comment by way of the ANSI publication, “Standards Action” for a period of 30 – 60 days.

If there are formal comments from the public, comments are forwarded by ANSI and may warrant a response by DMSC. Upon ANSI approval of the proposal, ANSI will announce the MBC 1.0 as a newly published American National Standard (ANS).

Elements of MBC 1.0 standard may ultimately be incorporated into QIF 4.0, and the ASME Committee has expressed interest in including portions of MBC 1.0 into the evolving Y14.45 Data Reporting standard.

It is anticipated that ANSI could publish the new MBC 1.0 standard as soon as September, 2023.

For more information, contact DMSC Executive Director Mark Thomas by email.