DMSC Announces New Exploratory Task Group

04 April 22

The DMSC is pleased to announce the formation of an exploratory Task Group for the purpose of investigating development of formalized QIF training offerings.

QIF Quality Information Framework by DMSC Digital Metrology Standards ConsortiumWith QIF-centric educational opportunities being sparse, DMSC sees new training options as key to future widespread adoption of the Quality Information Framework/QIF standard as industry continues its digital transformation.

Other industry organizations such as SME, ASME and ASQ have extensive focused training available. Many organizations offer certification of individuals who wish to show a high level of academic and practical competence. Arguably, the availability of more QIF aware individuals would be beneficial to further industry adoption of QIF.

The to-be-formed DMSC Task Group would operate in a similar manner to current Digital Metrology Standards Consortium/DMSC Working Groups and would be tasked with the mission of determining if a formalized commercial training program should be developed.

The DMSC expects this Task Group to discuss and determine:

• What are the benefits of developing a formalized training program?
• Who would be the target candidates for such a program?
• Would there be sufficient demand for this service to justify the level of effort for development?
• How would such a program be administered?
• Do the existing DMSC resources support the development and administering of such a program?
• If 3rd party organizations were involved (and most likely they would be), would their cost offset the benefits of the program?

All interested parties (including non-DMSC members) are invited to be part of this Task Group. A DMSC Member Chair and/or Co-Chair are yet to be named. The Task Group encourages individuals from industry, academia, advisory groups, and trade associations to offer their wisdom on how to proceed, and/or determine if this is a worthwhile endeavor. This is a blank piece of paper so you could be involved right from the beginning, if this effort moves forward.

If the future of QIF is important to you, your participation will help answer some of the important questions noted above! Reach out to DMSC Executive Director Mark Thomas by email to express your interest.