DMSC’s Non-Contact Working Group Update June 2021

04 June 21

It began with an inquiry to the DMSC from Japan regarding potential use of QIF to standardize non-contact measurement workflows.

Initial discussions started mid-summer 2020. Later that year, a DMSC Working Group was formed to consider additions to QIF to expand coverage of non-contact measurement devices, such as cartesian-arm CMMs with optical devices, CT scanners, laser trackers, and optical digitizers.

A DMSC Working Group Charter was finalized, and monthly discussions commenced. The key deliverable by the WG was a gap analysis for non-contact measurement workflows using QIF MBD that would require potential QIF revisions (if any) to support non-contact measurement workflows.

National Metrology Institute of Japan logoThe Non-Contact WG (NCWG) has been working on identifying and setting priorities for specific items that need to be included in QIF. These were initially identified by AIST NMIJ (National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science – a Japanese research facility) and NMIJ (National Metrology Institute of Japan) for measurement systems that are not using contact methods to acquire measurement points. This WG is made up of AIST, NMIJ, DMSC members, and other interested parties.

The NCWG has just finished identifying specific goals for Phase 1 (top priority) and Phase 2 (next priority) implementation and consideration of possible QIF component expansion for future releases of QIF.



The NCWG is making progress in determining the future direction of QIF. If you are involved in non-contact dimensional measurement, this WG may interest you or your organization. DMSC membership is not required to participate.

Please contact Larry Bergquist ( or Ray Stahl (, Co-Chairs of the NCWG.