Formation of Standards Committee for the new Model-Based Characteristics Standard

27 February 23

Model-Based Characteristics Standard LogoAs the Model-Based Characteristics (MBC) Working Group puts the finishing touches on a new, proposed American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard document, preparations are being made to follow the required procedures for submitting the proposed standard to ANSI. DMSC is re-forming the Standards Committee to meet this objective.

The next step in the process is a final review and approval (vote) by the Standards Committee of the MBC Standard document. The DMSC Standards Committee is chaired by Ray Admire and consists generally of DMSC members and/or members of the MBC Working Group. However, in the spirit of openness, the offer to join the Standards Committee is extended to any and all interested individuals and companies. DMSC membership is encouraged, but not required for participation.

The DMSC Standards Committee will fine-tune the documentation before submission to ANSI. The Standards Committee will either: formally vote on the final document, affirmatively, negatively, negatively with comment, or abstain. Since the proposed new standards document is coming directly from the MBC Working Group, it is expected that the fine-tuning process will be minimal and expedient.

If the proposed new Standard documentation is approved the DMSC Standards Committee, it will be submitted to ANSI for Public Review. The Public Review phase typically takes around 30 days. Should public comments be received, the Standards Committee will respond. With the resolution of public comments, if received, then ANSI will complete a final review. The final step in the process will be publishing the proposal as a new ANSI standard.

The entire submission process should be completed in one or two Standards Committee meeting sessions. The DMSC Standards Committee will convene roughly within the next 60 days (March & April, 2023). You must make a formal request to join the Standards Committee.

If you’re interested in participating in the DMSC Standards Committee proceedings, please contact DMSC Executive Director Mark Thomas soon for more details.