Model-Based Characteristic Working Group Update

07 March 22

DMSC Model-Based Characteristics (MBC) Working Group (WG) has created multiple iterations of a Model-Based standard for defining the nomenclature, definitions, symbols, practices, and data structures for the representation and communication of characteristics. The initial scope of the standard defines specific types and categories of model-based characteristics within a product definition, thus product characteristics. Furthermore, the scope fits and extends the Quality Information Framework (QIF) for Characteristic and Characteristic Designators. Finally, the scope includes the use of a persistent universally unique identifiers for each characteristic as normative.

QIF Characteristics Library CircleThe MBC Working Group, launched in July 2020, is chaired by Mark Neilson (TechAzul) and vice-chaired by Curtis Brown (Honeywell FM&T). Participants, mostly from DMSC member companies, are engaged as a joint effort by multiple corporate and academic entities representing various manufacturing industries.

The Model-Based Characteristics Working Group’s intent is to complete a draft standard for submission to ANSI (American National Standards Institute), a document that can be used to help industry identify and communicate model-based characteristics. Specifically to define a product characteristics with both a human readable component, a symbol or graphic with a corresponding common text string, and a computer readable universally unique identifier (UUID) component with specific structure and attributes that allow software programs and developers to uniquely interpret each characteristic for downstream use and additional functions. Characteristics shall be comprised of a product characteristic tag and UUID, and optional augmentations such as criticality classifications, quality plan requirements, and product requirement associations.

Currently, the document includes the following sections:

  • Scope
  • Normative References
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Characteristics Types
  • Product Characteristics
    • Identification
    • Taxonomy
    • Data Structures
    • Data Objects
    • Applications
  • Characteristic Augmentations
    • Criticality Classifications
    • Product Requirement Association
    • Quality Plan Requirements
  • MBC Information Model
  • Appendix

The WG is currently up to “Revision J” of a 71-page draft document with the intention of becoming a stand-alone ANSI standard. This would be totally separate from the DMSC flagship standard, ANSI/DMSC QIF 3.0 (ISO 23952:2020).

The ANSI process requires DMSC to re-convene their “Standards Committee” which will review and submit to ANSI a detailed summary of the scope and purpose of the proposed standard. This will allow for a public review period of the proposal. Finally, the DMSC Standards Committee will vote on the proposal, and with an affirmative vote, the proposal would be submitted to ANSI for approval. All DMSC members and interested parties are encouraged to consider becoming members of the voting body – the DMSC Standards Committee. It is anticipated the WG will begin to finalize the proposed standard and re-convene the Standards Committee in late-summer 2022. Look for future DMSC announcements if you’re interested in being part of this process.

The MBC WG meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 11 am ET. Representatives from up to 20 global companies participate at any given meeting. Meeting details on this and other DMSC Working Groups can be found on the DMSC Events Calendar.

New participants (including non-DMSC members) are welcome to observe or participate in the Model-Based Characteristics Working Group. Please direct any questions about this WG or membership in the DMSC to our Executive Director, Mark Thomas: