QIF 4.0 Working Group Update

27 February 23

QIF 4.0 Working GroupA substantial effort to upgrade the existing ANSI standard QIF 3.0, was formally commenced by DMSC back in October 2022. Regular 1-hour Working Group (WG) meetings have been held on an every-other-week cadence. Daniel Campbell (Capvidia) is the Working Group Chair, and Tom Kramer (TKC) is the Project Manager.

The QIF Community has shown high interest in the WG meetings, leading to spirited discussion with up to 20 participants. Additional participants are welcome.

As the WG team identifies and tackles documented QIF issues, a set of peripheral Subject Matter WGs have been initiated or re-activated. It is expected that content from these WGs will be integrated into the completed QIF 4.0 standard upgrade. These new/re-activated working groups include:

• Non-Contact Measurement WG – Chair; Larry Bergquist (SPD)
• QIF Plans WG – Chair; Curtis Brown (Honeywell)
• Process Control WG – Co-Chairs; Larry Maggiano/Peter Rau (Mitutoyo America)
• Measurement Resources WG – Ed Morse (UNCC)
• Model-Based Definition WG – Daniel Campbell (Capvidia)
• Functional Testing WG – Sam Gambrell (Lockheed Martin)

One of the new WGs is the “Functional Testing WG”.

This WG is currently seeking real-life user case studies as examples of specific solutions where functional testing specifications can be added to the QIF schema to communicate those specs as an addition to the MBD model. Individuals and companies that would be willing to share those user case studies are encouraged to join this WG and participate.

The DMSC QIF 4.0 Working Group meeting is open to all interested individuals and companies. Background research and documentation may be viewed on the DMSC Sharepoint drive using this link QIF 4.0 Working Group. Group lead Sam Gambrell is currently participating in the QIF 4.0 Working Group meetings. Once more Functional Testing user experiences have been brought forth, this group will break off into a separate date/time slot.

Join Us in the QIF 4.0 Working Group Meetings

GoToMeeting link: https://meet.goto.com/879374093
Meeting Date/Time: every other Monday, 2pm ET
The next scheduled meeting is Monday, 6 March 2023.
DMSC membership is encouraged, but not required.

For further information, please contact DMSC Executive Director Mark Thomas.