QIF Exploratory Task Group Seeks Participants

14 July 22

QIF Certificate DraftOriginally announced in April, 2022, a DMSC Exploratory Task Group will investigate the feasibility of a formalized QIF training program. With QIF-centric educational opportunities being sparse, the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium sees new training options as key to future widespread adoption of the Quality Information Framework/QIF standard as industry continues its digital transformation.

The DMSC Board of Directors has authorized the formation of this Exploratory Task Group and is looking for a diversified set of participants that can work to develop a plan and provide sufficient perspective to conclude if a formalized program will further DMSC’s QIF goals (in a practical sense).

The DMSC Exploratory Task Group would operate in a similar manner to current DMSC Working Groups, and ultimately report back to the DMSC BoD.

The DMSC expects this Task Group to discuss and determine:
• What DMSC resources would be required to develop a training program?
• What would be the cost for developing and maintaining a QIF training program?
• Who would run the training program (3rd party organizations, etc) and what would the cost be?
• What are the benefits of developing a formalized training program?
• Who would be the target candidates for such a program?
• Would there be sufficient demand for this service to justify the level of effort for development?
• How would such a program be administered?
• Do the existing DMSC resources support the development and administering of such a program?

In short, this Task Group would deliver a fully sketched out training program with a detailed cost/benefit analysis.

All interested parties (including non-DMSC members) are invited to be part of this Task Group. A DMSC Member Chair and/or Co-Chair are yet to be named. Interested parties can expect to see an announced date for an initial meeting, soon. The DMSC expects this task group to begin meeting starting in late Q3 or early Q4 2022.

This effort is blazing new trails for DMSC. Any interested parties should contact DMSC Executive Director Mark Thomas for information on the meeting schedule and next steps: mark.thomas@qifstandards.org